What Knot To Do

What Knot To Do

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Tying knots has never been my strong point. It really has nothing to do with them being complicated or difficult to tie, but rather a memory problem. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday let alone the perfect way to fasten two perpendicular sticks together with a piece of rope. I like to think I have extensive experience tying knots and using ropes, but sometimes I’ll get outside and I just can’t remember which ends go through which loops.

Recently I turned to the app store for help. After doing a little searching I found What Knot To Do, or “WhatKnot”, an app from Colombia Sportswear. WhatKnot is a free app that makes it quick and easy to find the right knot for the situation. Knot (heh, sorry) only does it break them all down into simple categories, but it also provides crystal clear instructions for each knot. It only takes a moment to determine which one will be best for your particular need and recreate it immediately. The diagrams are drawn well and are easy to follow as each step walks you through tying the knot.

For each category and knot there is a helpful description including general advice and popular uses. I have learned quite a few new knots just from browsing through all of them. When you find new or useful knots you can save them as favorites for convenient access in the future. The app also includes a helpful glossary of rope and climbing terminology as well as a visual guide to rope anatomy. Overall, What Knot To Do is an extremely handy, informative and useful app to keep stored on your phone. You can get it for your iPhone here. These are my current top 5 favorite knots saved on WhatKnot!

1. Alpine Butterfly
2. Anglers Loop
3. Prusik Knot
4. Truckers Hitch
5. Palomar Knot

  • http://www.simplethingsnotebook.blogspot.com Dawn Suzette

    Neat app. Might be fun for learning knots with the kids!