The Under $350 Gear List

 The Under $350 Gear List

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This comprehensive list includes all the gear necessary to start hiking, for under $350.
After much research and reviewing, the most affordable yet dependable pieces of hiking gear have been narrowed down to this ultimate list. You will be hard-pressed to find cheaper gear that offers the same quality, weight and most importantly, affordability. Everything needed to get on the trail and start logging miles is right here, for less than the price a new smartphone. What are you waiting for? You have no more excuses! Get your gear and go hiking!




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Tent: Eureka Apex Solo Backcountry
Price: $90.00
Weighing about 4.6 lb (2.1kg), this roomy single person tent is a great value. The huge vestibule is convenient for stowing gear outside your tent but still protected from the elements. Good ventilation keeps the condensation levels low and dry.



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Backpack: Teton Sports Scout 3400

Price: $85
Lightweight, adjustable customization, rain cover, sleeping bag compartment, lots of pockets and attachments, this bag has all the characteristics of a much more expensive bag. At 55L, you can go for multiple days with this pack.



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Sleeping Bag: Suisse Sport Adventurer

Price: $37
Ultra-compactable mummy bag rated for 30F (-1C). Warm enough for three seasons, packs down very small, weighs about 3.5 lb. Bonus: optional left or right zippered bags allow partners to zip two together!



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Sleeping Pad: Stansport Pack-Lite Pad
Price: $13
Minimalistic yet comfortable sleeping pad. 3/8 in think closed cell foam keeps your body heat from transferring to the ground and your bones from getting sore.




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Footwear: Merrell Chameleon 4 Stretch
Price: $70
Durable Vibram sole, supportive leather with breathable mesh and an odor repellent footbed. These low-cut hiking shoes are super lightweight and very comfortable for casual hiking on the trail.




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Stove: Etekcity Mini Stove
Price: $10
Extremely compact form, good fuel control for simmering and boiling. Built-in piezoelectric ignition allows for push-button starting. Uses mixed butane/propane fuel which come in small canisters from companies like MSR, COLEMAN, JETBOIL, or PRIMUS. These generally cost about $5 at local sporting good stores or Walmart.



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Cook Pot: Olicamp Space Saver

Price: $13
At 24oz (710ml), this pot/mug holds up to a pint of water, enough to boil for a dehydrated meal. Anodized aluminum helps it boil water fast and keep the weight down. Bonus: a fuel canister fits perfectly inside it for convenient storage.



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Food: Mountain House meals
Price: $7 per meal
Simple, lightweight, quick and easy. Mountain house meals come in a huge variety and only require boiled water and a few minutes to prepare. Lasagna and chili-mac are among the favorites. Backpackers Pantry makes similar meals.



under 350, hiking gear, water filter, sawyer mini





Water Filter: Sawyer Mini
Price: $19
Ultralight, extremely compact solution for filtering drinking water in the backcountry. Removes bacteria and protozoa with a .1 micron filter. Attaches to the included drinking pouch and standard disposable water bottles, or just use the straw to drink directly from a water source.


Disclaimer: This gear is enough to get you out on the trail with friends, but does not include everything you need to pack! In order to save costs, many items that can be found at home are left out, such as water bottles, eating utensils, first aid, maps, clothing etc. Online prices are always subject to variation. Never hike beyond your capabilities, do your research, and always be safe.


If you have tips or advice for hiking or traveling affordably, leave a comment below!

  • Gooi Ying Chyi

    Gonna need some of these if I’m going to camp in the Summer!

  • Walter Olson

    Thried the Sawyer water filter on my 12 mile hike to and from Smith Lake in Wyoming Winds: it is great! It is faster than most filters and does the job!