Ultralight Wallet: MinWallet Has Become My EDC

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I apologize in advance I come across as a fanboy, but I have to admit: I have seen the light. It’s been 6 months since I’ve crammed my over-stuffed leather wallet into the back pocket of my jeans. I now proudly belong to the upper echelon of front-pocket-carrying elite wallet people. Ok, seriously, here’s why you should slim down your cowhide cash holder and consider getting a MinWallet.

Size: It’s the thinnest wallet in the world. This wallet is essentially as thick as the number of cards and cash you put in it.

Weight: It’s the “lightest” wallet in the world. Weighing a total of .14 oz, not even a rubber band or ziplock bag can compete.

Functionality: There are 5 compartments that fit credit cards and business cards like a glove. The fabric is really durable and allows for very minimal stretch. I can manage to fit 3 cards in each compartment, but that’s pushing it. Ideally you will use this wallet in an effort to minimize your life. Personally, I currently carry 4 bank cards, 1 gov ID, 2 bills, 1 thicker door access card, 1 insurance card and 3 business cards. It’s a snug fit, but it’s perfect for me. The best part is, it all fits comfortable (and unnoticeably) in my front pocket.

Comfort: Even with my MinWallet stuffed to near capacity, it’s still incredibly thin and unobtrusive. It’s so small I often forget and have to tap my pocket to ensure it’s still there. Wearing my wallet in my front pocket is a total game changer. Sitting on a bulky wallet seems so ridiculous now.

Local Manufacturing: If you’re still deciding if this wallet is right for you, consider this. I discovered MinWallet after meeting Nate Reagan at a coffee shop in Des Moines, Iowa. Nate is a minimalist and an adventurer. He designed the MinWallet as the ideal product to fit his needs. After personally sewing, cutting, prototyping and testing a variety of different ideas, Nate determined the optimal fabric,  thread, and design to deliver the best MinWallet product possible. To top it off, every MinWallet is manufactured locally in Illinois, USA. Ultimately, this isn’t some poorly stitched together item shipped over from a developing country. The MinWallet is a high quality, durable, beautifully crafted piece of American ingenuity!

You can minimize your wallet right now for only $15. The MinWallet is available at www.minwallet.com, or from Amazon here. If you like the Nate’s wallet, head over to his Twitter or Facebook pages and show MinWallet some love!