Holiday Gift List 2014: Adventure Edition

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Find the perfect gift for your adventurous friends this Christmas season! These thoughtful pieces of gear range from $4 to $160, sure to cover all levels of holiday happiness. Whether the lucky recipient is a hiker, backpacker, traveler, explorer or adventurer, these gifts are guaranteed to make them giddy with Christmas spirit. Read on for all the goodies!



$4 – CREE LED 300 Lumen Mini Flashlight


Super bright, super affordable. I just want to be certain that you heard me.. this thing is SUPER bright. 300 lumens bright. Bright enough to blind a grizzly bear in broad daylight. OK, that might be unsubstantiated, but this torch is truly impressive. It uses a single AA battery, comes with free shipping and arrives in about 3 weeks from China. Can’t go wrong here.



$6 – Nite Ize – Figure 9


The Figure 9 tightens, tensions, and secures ropes without knots. They come in different sizes, with and without the carabiner clip. These convenient devices weigh very little for how awesome they are. Check it out here for more details.



$7 – MAXAH Worldwide Travel Power Adapter


Turns out different countries have strange, incompatible outlets, who knew! Have no fear, this adapter will keep the power flowing to your electric griddle for less than the price of a Big Mac!



$10 – ETEK Ultralight Camp Stove


An ultralight and compact cook stove, includes a built in piezoelectric starter. Folds up smaller than an iPhone 4.. those are considered tiny now right?



$11 – Light My Fire Titanium Spork


It’s a fork! It’s a spoon! It’s.. wait, its also a knife, sort of. The ultimate food delivery system, now in titanium, because no one should have to eat from plasticware while subjecting themselves to the elements. Also, plastic melts.



$13 – Stove Fuel


Hikers need stove fuel like people need food. It’s almost as if those two things are related. Unless your backpacking buddies are cooking over alcohol-fueled pop cans or twig embers, they will probably really appreciate a reserve fuel tank.



$14 – Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries


Everyone needs batteries. Especially your flashlight toting, headlamp having, eyeball blinding camping friends. Recharge their christmas spirits with some powerful lithium batteries. Better get AA’s and AAA’s just to be sure!



$15 – Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks



Socks. They keep your feet cozy, and that’s a good thing. Wool is a good thing also. If you didn’t know, now you know.



$19 – Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock


Hammock popularity is in full swing (pun intended) this year. This model is super light in your pack and on your wallet. This is the most compact piece of luxury furniture you will ever own.



$23 – Sawyer Mini Water Filter: Limited Edition


Lightweight, compact water filtration system. Considering the cost of drinking some bad water while backpacking or traveling, this filter is a no brainer. There is also a limited edition black color, you know what to do.



$23 – Buff Multipurpose Head Cover


Headscarf, headband, balaclava, cap, sweat rag, scrunchie, whatever you want it to be. This multifunctional piece of gear insulates against the heat or cold and comes in about a thousand colors and patterns, no joke. Check out the Triple Crown Appalachian Trail ones!



$24 – HotHands Hand Warmers


40 pairs of pocket furnaces, 10 hours of toasty goodness in each one. These hand warmers can be true life savers, and they aren’t only for your hands, take it from me!



$32 – Powerbank Battery 12,000 mAh


Extra juice to power your mobile device through the end of the week. World travelers and backpackers rejoice, your GPS and social media lives on! This crucial accessory can recharge your phone up to 6 times over, and 4 at a time!



$39 – Mountain House Freeze Dried Meals


Lightweight, delicious “just add water” meals. 10 year shelf life, ready in minutes. There’s nothing like a warm dinner after a long day on the trail.



$40 – Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Waterproof, 160 Lumen, 70hr battery life, multimode with red light for discrete lighting. This headlamp is the full package, no more no less.



$58 – Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool


5 ounces of carbon fiber and 154CM stainless steel packed into this rock-solid workhorse. This is easily the lightest, most compact multitool available. No bells and whistles, just the necessities: blade, pliers, wire cutters, screw driver with exchangeable bits, carabiner and a bottle opener.



$98 – Jetboil Flash


When you hike or camp, boiled water becomes a staple. From rehydrating meals to purifying drinking water, nobody likes to wait for those little bubbles to appear. Jetboil is the indisputable water boiling champion, bringing 1/2 liter of water to a rolling boil in under 2 minutes.



$158 – PowerFilm 10 Watt Foldable Solar Panel 


The ultimate solution for the “off-the-grid” survivalist, this solar charger keeps the lights on simply by harnessing the power of that big shiny orb in the sky. It can charge mobile devices and rechargeable batteries easily, plus it folds up nice and small for easy packing. Not only is it weather proof but it is also highly efficient in cloudy weather compared to other solar chargers!



Did you find something perfect for your favorite adventurer this Christmas? Leave a comment below and let me know! If all else fails, you can always get them a gift card for Amazon or REI and let them sort it out themselves.


If you think these are the most awesome gifts and need to drop some hints to family members this season, what are you doing?! Share this now before it’s too late!

Happy Holidays!