Wordwide maps on your phone with only a GPS signal

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Are you still looking for the best maps app to take traveling, hiking or anywhere you might not have a cell signal? This is far and away my favorite solution for getting around while offline. Check out ForeverMap 2 on iOS. Upfront it costs $2.99, but that's all you'll have to pay for unlimited access to downloadable map coverage of the world. 

ForeverMap 2 homescreen

When you open the app, it immediately feels familiar. The interface is smooth and the design simple and appealing. Using wifi or a cellular data signal you can perform most of the same actions as Google's or Apple's mapping applications, including searching addresses for driving, biking and walking directions, looking up POI etc, however the real magic is the ability to do all of that offline. For no additional cost, you can save unlimited, complete maps of countries, states or cities. It's straightforward and foolproof with no need to choose the level of detail or cropping sections you need, you just pick the region you want and download it. The entire original map will then be saved to your phone. When you have no wifi, 3G or 4G service, your phone's built in GPS antennae will be able to locate your position anywhere on the world (provided you have a clear view of the sky) and show you where you are on the map. You can continue to interact with the app just as you normally would by zooming in, searching locations, calculating directions, searching addresses and the like. You might even consider tossing the old 5lb Rand McNally if you're feeling wild! 

Mind you, you're mapping experience will be limited to your phones battery life. I often carry a small battery backup depending on how light I want to travel. You should also note that when using it offline, you won’t be able to search for every single business or place like Google maps or apple maps do with internet service, but impressively it can still handle addresses, popular destinations, GPS coordinates, airports and other POI with ease. I've used ForeverMap 2 extensively while traveling abroad, but it is great for remote trails too. Often I’ve found that small hiking paths in the US will appear on my downloaded maps from ForeverMap 2, but they won’t show up on Google maps. This has something to do with where they pull map data from, possibly open source vs private sources, but I'm not clear on the specifics. I’ve used this app to keep on track in places like the backcountry of Zion National Park, but I’ve also even used it for relatively local things like driving through the woods of Minnesota. Sometimes you just can’t get signal, but if you download the right map ahead of time this can really save your butt. For all you world travelers, hikers, explorers and adventurers, I can't recommend this app enough. Check it out, you won't regret it. You can find it on the app store here.

  • http://www.mudpuddlestometers.com Dawn Suzette

    Thanks for the review. I can think of many times I could have used this app!

    • Adventure Gear Download

      You’re very welcome! This is by far my most used app when I’m hiking or traveling. I don’t recommend paid apps unless they are well worth the price, this definitely makes the cut.