Calculate your gear weight with LighterPack

Calculate your gear weight with LighterPack

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A few months ago I got the opportunity to try out the website LighterPack. It is currently being built by Galen Maly as an online inventory and organization tool, mainly for keeping track of how much your gear weighs. The site is currently still in beta, but it functions quite well and definitely seems promising.

The site excels in it’s straightforward, no frills approach to weighing and visualizing your gear. Make a list, make some categories, fill in your stuff, organize and reflect. As you enter each piece of equipment a pie chart immediately displays a breakdown of where your weight is appropriated. LighterPack serves a useful purpose and is also well executed, a rather impressive combo for a one-man show. The aesthetics are clean and minimalistic plus the actions are smooth and snappy, for the most part. Every now and again something gets hung up but nothing a refresh won’t fix. Like I said, still in beta.



Entering all your gear can be a bit tedious, albeit addictive at the same time. I suppose if you care about grams enough to use a website to crunch your weight distribution data then we’re past the inconvenience factor of typing in stuff like “Shirt: Patagonia super awesome merino wool summit stomper – 3 grams”. To be thorough you can even add photos or web links for each item. I have yet to do this for many of them, but I can see the appeal. An additional perk to using this site is just being able to visualize all of your equipment at once. Not only can you organize it easily, but it provides a nice reminder list if you are setting out on a trip and need to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.After you have every item entered and have rearranged and organized them into their respective lists and categories, you might begin to think a few things:
1. Did I really include everything I carry on a hike or did I just list the main stuff and unknowingly leave out 2 pounds of meaningless crap?
2. Does my gear really weigh XXg? I need to weigh all my stuff. I need a new scale. $5 later on Amazon.

3. What do other people’s list look like? How do I compare?Ok, that last one might not be fair since the site is still in beta, but that is one feature I think would be really cool. Not that everything needs to be “social” online today, but how neat would it be if there was a way to browse people’s public lists or check out “most popular voted lists”? Granted, you can share your list with others using a URL, but you get the idea. I wouldn’t mind a basic “profile” where I could show off my gear configurations. You could always set lists to public or private if you don’t want people seeing that you take your favorite stuffed animal camping.Another neat feature that could be integrated rather easily is a cost/price value for each item. Since we’re already making the effort to enter all of our adventurely possessions, why not let us calculate how much we’ve spent while we’re at it? This could go hand in hand with the social aspect as people could compare lists based upon cost vs. weight and determine perceived value. I can just imagine it now… it wouldn’t be long before the community managed to devise the lightest, cheapest, most perfect gear list imaginable!Anyway, for now, it’s everything I need for measuring my pack weight. I encourage you to check it out, play around with it, everything is free. Just keep in mind that since it is still in beta your experiences may vary. Galen has posted his Bugs/To Do list on the bottom left side so you can see what to expect with upcoming updates. If you experience any glitches or bugs go here to report it (in detail) or see if it’s been documented.

You can check out the website here, and here is a link to one of my lists. If you find LighterPack useful or interesting, share it with a friend! Save someone’s back from the perils of overpacking! I’m off to begin replacing everything I own with titanium and cuben fiber.