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Adventure Gear Download is an online resource for backpacking and world travel advice, gear suggestions, gadget news, outdoor app reviews, as well as personal experiences and stories from fellow adventurers. You may find helpful advice, inspiring photos and useful information in four general categories:

Using a cell phone while hiking or traveling is becoming increasingly popular. While some people opt to leave their phones at home for a more peaceful or authentic experience, others prefer to bring their device along as an ultimate multitool.

There are hundreds of apps for navigating, tracking and calculating specific activities. Unfortunately many of them are not nearly as popular as Angry Birds or Snapchat, so these highly functional apps often fly under the radar. I’ll try to help you out by researching, comparing and trying out the different options. Stay tuned for my suggestions and reviews. If there is a specific app you are looking for, let me know!

Recommendations and reviews
No matter your niche, the gear is always evolving. The constant churn of ingenuity from DIYers and corporations alike is nearly impossible to keep up with. I’m no expert by any means, but I do try to follow the progression while keeping an analytical eye out for bargains and bad deals. I’ll try to filter out the most notable and worthwhile items that deserve your attention and give them thorough reviews here. Expect to see a wide range of useful gear, both store-bought and homemade.

Travel info and advice
No matter your level of expertise, you should always make room to learn something new. Being knowledgeable and safe is something beginners and experts alike should appreciate. These articles discuss a variety of tools, tips and resources to get the most out of your adventures.

Reader submitted stories and travel blogs
We all have favorite tales to share around campfires, on long train rides or over drinks. Chances are you’ve probably told your story many times. Telling tales of adventure is one of the most exhilarating ways to re-live an experience, and can also be a great form of motivation. A vivid recounting of an epic tale can get us all fired up to blaze a new trail, push our boundaries or try something new and exciting. This is a great opportunity for people to share stories and photos with each other and push us all to be more adventurous.

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Adventure Gear Download is written, designed, created and maintained by me, Julian State! I'm an avid hiker, traveler, photographer, backpacker, kayaker and general advocate of outdoor exploration.

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